Thursday, May 1, 2008

On A Cruise

About ten years ago, my mom took me, my daughter, my sister and my neice on a cruise. We had so much fun. I took about 200 pictures and am still trying to get all of them in my scrapbook.
I made this card with only one picture (I usually want to add 3 or 4). I used the sailboat from Laney's outfit to decorate the page. I think this paper is Stampin' Up from a kit I bought long ago. I thought it looked like waves.
Again, we had the best time on the cruise except for me trying to stay up every night to eat the midnight buffet. I NEVER made it. I could not stay up that late. Everyone else in the family went but me. I was in our room asleep. How sad is that. I sure did get a good night's sleep every night on the cruise!

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