Friday, May 2, 2008


This is my sweet Happy about a year ago. She was on the outside porch resting. I am sure she had been chasing squirrels or birds or something. She was very territorial. I miss her so much. I am beginning to stop expecting her to run out when I come home. She was the BEST! I am in the process of making a small scrapbook about our 4 (3 cats and Happy) animals. Happy was put to sleep about 6 weeks ago. She has kidney failure. I guess I had forgotten how much you can grieve for a dog.
We called her by many nicknames. My favorite was NOAA weather dog. She would let us know if it thundered in a five county area. When it rained and thundered the other night, I thought of how upset she would have been. She was terrified of thunder.
We also called her "chicken". She was a big dog but afraid of her own shadow. I often teased her that the dog kingdom wanted their title back, and she would have to be changed to the chicken kingdom. She was such a baby. She was almost twelve years old and served us well. We miss her!


iteach said...

I am so glad that you have fond memories of Happy. We lost our "baby" almost 4 years ago after 17 years and it nearly put me under. Some people just don't understand how much a furry kid can be a part of your family.

We just did get a new puppy (what was I thinking?) and she has already sneaked into our hearts. It took 4 years and a group of students who dropped off a stray puppy to make me open my heart up again. With grandbabies and being used to going whenever we wanted to travel, I don't think we would have brought home another furry kid. I am so glad those kids dropped brought her to me!

Lizette said...

So sorry for your loss. I know just how much animals are a part of our families. We have animals too.
It'll be nice to get that book started for all your memories.

Black said...

I have a dog 3 years old and I love that dog like nothing else. Not like my children or friends. I do not know what it is about this dog. He is a sweetie pie. I was in the hospital last year for two weeks. If they did not let me go home my husband was going to bring him up there to visit with me. If something were to happen to him, I would be so so so sad. I feel your pain. But contrats on getting a new pup.