Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wish Shoe Well (All images Stampin'Up)

I have always had a great love for shoes! I think my teenage daughter has inherited it. She loves shoes and I indulge her because I understand the affliction or addiction (whichever it is). She is short(about 5'2") and loves high heels. The higher the better is her motto! I wish we wore the same size but my foot is bigger. The only thing is I would never be able to find my shoes again. Just like I can never find my blow dryer. I am also glad we wear different color makeup. One of my friends bought a tackle box with a lock to keep her makeup in because her teenage daughter would steal it all the time. I have not had to go to those lengths. Ant the blow dryer....I finally just gave up and bought cheaper one. She doesn't like it so I am safe.
Hope you like this card. I love the shoes and the sentiment. I have been a "Taken with Teal" fan for a long time and doesn't it look great with the Purely Pomegranate?

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